We are
redefining the
practice of law.

What To Expect From Your Trusted Grande Prairie Lawyers

Looking for lawyers in Grande Prairie? We challenge the status quo because we know innovation drives every industry, especially the Law.

The business of law is antiquated and has become stagnant and tired. As Grande Prairie Lawyers, we seek to change this. We’re constantly revisiting the model to figure out what isn’t working and what can be done even better. What does this mean for you? Better legal service in Grande Prairie, more education, better communication, and a casual relaxed environment where you can feel like and be yourself. This applies to our hardworking Team and our valued Clients.

We are redefining the practice of law and this includes “integrity”. On any given day, our lawyers and their team fight the good fight for their clients, and by that we mean, always bringing integrity to every case we take on. This is non-negotiable for us and applies to our firm and every service we offer.

Whether you’re in need of assistance with a real estate transaction, a family or business dispute; Wills & Estates, or Mediation services, we can help you out. If you’re buying or selling a home, our quotes outline our all-in fee including GST to fees and all regular disbursements.

When practicing Family/Divorce Law in Grande Prairie and throughout Alberta, we strive to bring an innovative mindset to each and every case we take on. Our client’s end goal is always top of mind. Understanding and focusing on the long-term goals, we don’t get lost in the here and now. Where necessary the litigation process is explained thoroughly, in addition to explaining the various alternative dispute resolution (mediation, negotiation, JDRs) to hopefully resolve the matter outside of the courtroom.  Our client’s end game is our end game. This is one of the ways we think we stand apart from other lawyers in Grande Prairie.

Our Wills & Estate services are provided by passionate, engaged, and easy to talk to lawyers in Grande Prairie. They are capable, competent, and ready to help prepare your Will when you need it – most Wills Consultations can be done over the phone and all are at no charge. Our goal is to make every transaction as pleasant as possible so our clients have peace of mind when they choose Hayes Fry Law to handle one of the most important matters in their lives.

We offer a wide range of Corporate Law services. We value our clients and treat all cases with the same energy and professionalism. Our lawyers take the time at the outset to not only understand the issues, concerns, and pressures our clients face but also to understand their goals.  We pride ourselves on our good service and fast turnaround times.  If you have a tight deadline on a Share Purchase Agreement, a USA, or just a simple Director’s Resolution contact us today!

Some of the best lawyers in Grande Prairie work at Hayes Fry Law and there’s a reason for that. We believe in a fun, hard-working, and collaborative culture but we also believe in an end-to-end client-focused experience. We put a lot of focus into what this looks like for a number of reasons. This is our secret sauce and it’s something we work hard at mastering and refining 24/7. Creating a system that works for both our team and our clients is no easy feat, but it’s incredibly important to us, our culture, and our brand.

We are confident and competent lawyers, happy for the opportunity to serve in Grande Prairie and Alberta. More importantly, we are leaders in our industry and we aim to deliver more than what our clients have come to expect. Our lawyers and staff encourage a collaborative and casual environment, with an approachable nature. We are grassroots in origin, innovative and believe that value-creating solutions will help our clients achieve their goals.

"Leah Hayes-Fry has been taking care of my legal needs for over 6 years. She is fantastic!"
Shaun W.
"Trevor was fantastic to work with. I'm very pleased he was able to complete my file in a quick and efficient manner. His communication and response time was excellent!"
Randy R.
"Impressive service. Natasha was excellent to deal with creating a private home sale contract and accommodating us for a weekend meeting. A very smooth process and I would easily use Hayes Fry Law again"
Kody G.
"Nathan is an exceptional Family Law Lawyer, straightforward and honest, best of all he actually responds and worked with me in a timely matter, responded to all my questions immediately. Highly recommend using Nathan and his team if you want great results."
Joe G.
"Nathan and Leah have been fantastic to deal with. They are transparent and understanding in their practices. I would recommend and use them as my first option every time."
Tia C.
"Would highly recommend them to anyone in need of these services. My case was demanding in short notice of timeline. As well as I was out of town. Nathan took it on and we were able to get this situation handle with easy. Great communication and follow-ups and once I was able to sit down with him he spoke to me as a person, not a client. Very good experience in a tough situation."
Ryan B.
"My experience with Nathan & his firm was excellent. Nathan himself is a trustworthy person and is very easy to talk to and understand. He explains pros & cons before moving on with the decision. The firm is quick to respond and while dealing with them I had a sense they were there to help me get my business done quickly without dragging it out with costly charges. I have recommended them to several people & would use them again if I had to."
Chris W.
"I have had the pleasure of working with both Nathan and Leah Hayes Fry for the past few years Their professionalism and knowledge are always evident in their work with me. I would highly recommend them for real estate or family law."
Corinne P.
"Leah did awesome work to help me with all the documentation for my house. She was very thorough, well experienced and guided me in my best interest.The staff communicated really well throughout the process too."
Lakshay S.
"We can’t say enough about how friendly and caring Leah and her associates are. They are so professional and efficient keeping you informed about everything. Natasha went above and beyond to make sure every detail was taken care of. Thank you so much!"
Laura R.

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