Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: How defamation cases work in Canada

“Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Verdict: Jury sides with Depp, awards $15 million”

In Canada, defamation has to do with words that impact the plaintiff’s reputation with
others1 and is a strict liability offence2. These words can be written (known as libel) or
spoken (known as slander). In Grant v Torstar Corp. the Supreme Court of Canada
(SCC) outlined the current law …

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How we’re redefining the practice of family law

Here’s the thing, we approach family law very differently; for every family law case, we ask the question, “What is the real problem here, and what are the short term and long-term solutions?”.  Overall, our goal as a firm with all family law cases is to understand every client’s long-term goals – not just focusing on the here and now. 

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