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Is the Dower Act a Thing of the Past?
The Dower Act came into effect in 1917 and, though it has been amended since, it has not changed substantively since 1948. Now, the Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) is reviewing the Dower Act and seeking feedback on whether it should be reformed or...
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What to do: You’ve bought a home and now you discovered problems
It’s a big deal to buy a home! Whether you’re on your tenth home or first home, there’s still a lot to consider before signing on the dotted line to ensure your home is in working condition. The last thing...
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Dividing family property: what you need to know
Dividing property after a separation can often be complex and technical, particularly when the period of separation spans over a number of years, rather than months or weeks. How do you determine what is yours to keep outright and what...
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June 10th, 2021 - Divorce & Family Law

Behind on child support payments? No hunting or fishing, states Utah bill
A new bill passed in the state of Utah is coming into effect on July 1, 2021, which will result in thousands of residents being ineligible to obtain hunting or fishing licenses due to unpaid child support. Notices are being...
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June 10th, 2021 - Real Estate

Why you should hire a lawyer before buying and selling a home
So, you’ve decided you want to buy or sell a house, but you don’t exactly know how to go about it. There are often many processes at play simultaneously, which can be overwhelming for anyone. Having a real estate lawyer...
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