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Grande Prairie Divorce Lawyers

Grande Prairie Divorce Lawyers

At Hayes Fry Law, our experienced attorneys specialize in issues surrounding marriage, separation, and divorce - some of the most important issues in a person's life! Hayes Fry Law's team is comprised of highly experienced and highly talented Grande Prairie divorce lawyers who can represent you in this difficult time of your life. Separations and divorces are devastating to children, spouses, families, and friends. You need a team of experienced professionals to help you through until the end!

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Remember, divorce court should always be the last resort! It's expensive, it's complicated, and the results are too difficult to predict. As much as possible, we try to avoid going to court for our clients, but sometimes, there is no way to avoid it. One of the negative things about going to court is that you forfeit control to make decisions about yourself and your family. That is why we always do our best to attain a negotiated settlement rather than going to court.

To help our clients clear the path ahead, Hayes Fry Law provides free initial consultations. Just having someone to talk to about your situation can make a world of difference. Our Grande Prairie divorce lawyers can help you sort everything out, provide you with reliable advice, and assist you going forward. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

Steps in the Grande Prairie Divorce Process

Step 1: There are several steps in the divorce court process. The first step is the case conference. The case conference is an opportunity for the judge to help you resolve any procedural issues or disclosure issues in your case. The judge won't make a court order during this hearing except on consent.

Step 2: Next comes the motion. A motion is for the judge to make a court order on important issues that need to be resolved on a temporary basis, such as child custody, visitation rights, child support, spousal support, property issues, and more.

Step 3: The third step is a settlement conference. This is an opportunity to hear from the judge as to what would be the result if your case went to trial. The intention of this step is to help both parties and the attorneys come to a settled agreement without the matter actually having to go to trial.

Step 4: This part of the divorce court process is intended to prepare the case for trial. This includes a trial management conference and perhaps another settlement conference.

We Can Help You Stay Out of Court

You can rest assured that about only 3% of divorce cases in Grande Prairie go to trial. The rest are settled out of court. 97% of all cases are settled before trial with input from the judge. Contact our Grande Prairie divorce lawyers if you would like to discuss your case with an experienced professional. We can protect your interests and provide some much-needed support during this stressful, difficult situation of yours.

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