How to Choose the Best Real Estate Lawyer For You

Whether you’ve purchased your first home or your seventh, you still have a lot to deal with when you opt to buy OR sell a property. Whatever your situation, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns like when to talk to a real estate lawyer, understanding what you need to complete the process and always the favourite, what are my closing costs?

We get it, the whole process can seem very daunting which is totally normal, and it’s easy to make costly mistakes, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. By carefully choosing your real estate agent and lawyer, you can simplify the buying or selling process and experience a smoother transaction free from costly or inconvenient curveballs. At Hayes Fry Law, it’s just how we roll.

In Alberta there are many real estate agents and lawyers in your area that you can choose from. Ultimately, you’re going to choose the best fit for you, and one that can get the job done well and within any time constraints you may be up against. Here is what you’ll want to look for in order to experience a successful transaction:

Find a professional who can not only break down all the necessary costs when purchasing or selling a home, but someone who is transparent in their billing practices, giving you an accurate number of all fees, up front so there are no surprises.
Find a professional who make you feel comfortable asking any questions, from complex property tax issues, to practical things like how to get your mail and who will give you keys on possession day.
Find a professional who can answer all of those questions in ways that are useful and understandable to you. Leah Hayes-Fry has practiced real estate almost exclusively in the Grande Prairie and surrounding areas since 2014, and is constantly humbled by her clients’ consistent feedback on how informative and even fun the meeting with her is. Education is one of her strongest assets she brings to the table because her client’s best interest is at the heart of everything she does.
Real Estate is ultimately one of the biggest investments most people make during their lifetime. Beyond providing accurate and honest knowledge and the stellar service you need, Hayes Fry Law understands that cost is something that cannot be overlooked.

Hayes Fry Law is known in their industry and community for the work that we do for our clients and what we offer. Something that other legal firms don’t.