Your trusted Civil and Corporate Lawyers in Grande Prairie

Hayes Fry Law covers a diverse range of corporate and civil law services. We value our clients and treat all cases with the same energy and professionalism. As always, our goal is to redefine the practice of law in Grande Prairie. Period.

The difference between Civil and Corporate law is simple. Civil Law covers transactions, relationships and disputes between people, whereas Corporate Law covers transactions and disputes between business.


Corporate Law is the practice of law related to businesses, corporations and companies. Corporate lawyers have experience in corporate structures, liability issues and general tax matters. They work to ensure that corporate transactions go smoothly, that nothing is missed, and that everything is done in the most tax-efficient way possible. A Corporate Lawyer may be tasked with preparing documents related to incorporating a new business, the purchase of a business, or restructuring an existing business.

Our mission is to ensure that our business clients in Grande Prairie and throughout Alberta are able to grow to their maximum potential while avoiding as many headaches and unnecessary taxation as possible within the confines of the Law.

Why hire a Corporate Lawyer? It’s easy – you want to ensure all your transactions are secure and that applicable and relevant laws are being complied with. Whether your organization is small or large we are able to help manage a wide variety of corporate transactions.

If your business takes you outside of Grande Prairie or Alberta, don’t worry. Our Senior Corporate Lawyer has practiced in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan and has even engaged with numerous international corporate issues. We’re just that good.

Whatever your needs may be, Hayes Fry Law is committed to serving you. We are 100% confident in our ability –  legal skills and people skills. You get both with us!

We encourage you to reach out to discuss any questions or needs you may have.


Civil Law covers relationships between parties, typically when a party is injured as a result of the non-criminal action of another party. Examples can include injury, property damage, defamation, the breach of a contract, car accidents and much more. Civil litigation can deal with issues between tenants and landlords and even medical malpractice.

Hayes Fry Law is here to make sure that your legal needs are taken care of. We are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations when it comes to the level and quality of service we provide for our Corporate and Civil Law clients. We offer a fresh legal service in Grande Prairie, quality education, better communication and a casual relaxed environment where you feel welcomed and valued. We are constantly learning and growing to better serve our clients and community.

It’s just how we roll.