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IMPORTANT NEWS! Changes to Family Law » See what changes the Government of Alberta is implementing.

Hayes Fry Law covers a diverse range of Family Law services, including, common-law separation, contracts, mediation, negotiation, litigation, spousal support, child support, arrears, adoptions, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements and more. Because we respect you, we treat your case with the compassion and dignity you deserve. Tell us about yourself and your situation, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

At Hayes Fry Law, we understand that separation can be a life-long process, especially when children are involved.

Our job is to guide our clients step by step through the process, making the experience as pain-free as possible.

Our team of Family Lawyers will ensure you have the best experience when going through difficult times such as common-law separation, all the way to child support.

When couples choose to divorce, one of the most daunting issues is that of the distribution of property. In the province of Alberta, The Matrimonial Property Act creates is the standard when it comes to dividing property in the case of divorce.  It directs that property accumulated during the course of the marriage is to be divided equally between the parties except in rare and exceptional circumstances.   The Act directs the division of the value of the property as opposed to the property itself. In general, the value of the property is determined at the date of trial or settlement, not at the date of separation and is based on fair market value. 

We’re here to make certain that your legal needs are taken care of, and that your expectations are met and exceeded when it comes to the level and quality of service we provide.

Let us show you how we are redefining the practice of law.

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