Focused on Mediation in Grande Prairie

Mediation \ [mee-dee-ey-shuh n] \ noun. a facilitated, modern and growing approach to resolving disputes between parties. 

As a part of our brand promise, Hayes Fry Law has a fierce devotion to offering a forward-thinking, educational and integrated approach to solving legal matters in a relaxed environment. Only the best experience and expertise for clients in our region. Period.

So what does mediation look like?  It looks like a discussion around a table where all parties come with an open mind, a desire to reach a solution, and mutual respect.  It is the mediator’s job to assist these parties by:

  • laying out and sticking to basic ground rules of communication and dignity;
  • keeping the parties focused on the task at hand and bringing them back to that task if they get off track, by ensuring all parties are heard and feel heard by each other, by identifying points of agreement and disagreement;
  • preparing a report for the parties that accurately record any agreement reached.

The bonus? Mediation is cost-effective and quick compared to litigation and traditional models of lawyer-facilitated negotiation.  Mediation can allow parties to reach an agreement on issues that are important to them, in addition to the strictly legal issues.

Mediation is rapidly growing in Divorce and Common Law disputes, but the process can be taken advantage of in any dispute where:

  • the parties’ have an interest in or are going to have, a continuing relationship with the other side (for example, a business, family, neighbour, parenting, or employee/employer relationship);
  • the parties want to avoid litigation and the high costs of traditional legal approaches;
  • the parties have a multifaceted dispute that requires a detailed and tailored solution.

At Hayes Fry Law you can trust your mediator to be unbiased – we don’t work for any party, we work for all of them.  Translation: we don’t take sides. You can trust your mediator to ensure that your view is heard and understood and we believe that the optimal solution becomes self-evident when all parties have been heard from and all information is exchanged.  Your mediator will also provide an accurate unbiased report of the mediation, the issues, and the agreement reached.

Once an agreement is reached, Hayes Fry Law can also prepare a binding contract for the parties to sign, ensuring that everyone is held accountable.

The Process for those seeking mediation services:

  • Call us to book a mediation session. Sessions typically last 1-4 hours and often only one session is required;
  • Gather all relevant documents, appraisals, financial records, and anything else you think is important;
  • Read our Preparing for Mediation Guide (delivered upon booked meeting);
  • Attend your session(s);
  • Wait to receive your mediation report or contract.

Mediation is often the best option when couples are on good enough terms to be able to negotiate, not far apart in their expectations, and when they want to save the expense, stress, time, and inconvenience of a litigated divorce.

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