Support for facing life’s challenges

Our approach to Family Law is one of understanding, compassion, and practicality. We care about your end game, not the fight of the day. We’re here with support and know how to move difficult issues forward to find solutions. At Hayes Fry Law, we believe it is our job to guide clients through an often long and difficult process, step by step, keeping them centered and focused on what matters when tensions are high, and emotions charged.

We offer a full range of family law services, including separation, divorce, and mediation to litigation, spousal support, child support, arrears, adoptions, prenuptial, and cohabitation agreements and more.

Separation and Divorce

We understand that separation is a life-changing event, especially when children are involved. We educate our clients as we guide them through the process helping them make the best decisions for their family.

We can assist with all, or just a few, of the issues arising from separation and relationship-break- down: parenting and guardianship matters, child and spousal support matters, the division of assets and debts.

Settling Out of Court

Going to court is always expensive, usually a gamble, and often the resolutions are incomplete or “one-size fits all”. We do our best to explore all possible alternatives to courtroom resolutions and see the court as our last resort.

We can help you stay out of the courtroom by offering advice about, or helping draft, a Divorce (or Separation) Contract. This is a document that deals with the practical issues of a separation: who will take what property, who will take what debts, will money be exchanged to equalize the division of property and debt, what is guardianship, will there be spousal support and/or child support, what will the support amounts be, how long will they be in place for, and any other matter relevant to the separation and divorce.


Hayes Fry Law has a fierce devotion to offering a forward-thinking, educational, and integrated approach to solving legal matters in a relaxed environment. We strive to ensure the best experience and provide the deepest expertise for clients.

We often recommend mediation over litigation. Mediation is a facilitated, modern, and growing approach to resolving disputes between parties. Co-Founder Nathan Hayes-Fry will host and facilitate a discussion where all parties come with an open mind, a desire to reach a solution, and mutual respect.

Mediation is cost-effective and quick compared to litigation and traditional models of lawyer-facilitated negotiation. Working with a mediator can allow parties to reach an agreement on issues that are important to them, in addition to the strictly legal issues.