Kiara Goodfellow

A recently appointed lawyer in Australia, Kiara Goodfellow has joined Hayes Fry Law as an Office Assistant supporting lawyers across the firm, particularly in Wills & Estates.

Travelling Aussie, Kiara Goodfellow, is pleased to be working in her field while visiting Canada for two years. Kiara’s past legal experience was focused on Family, Criminal, and Personal Injury Law but she’s excited to expand her horizons while working with the Hayes Fry Law team, particularly in Wills & Estates. Kiara’s career path started as an undergrad studying criminology and justice. She became fascinated with the legal system, particularly wrongful conviction and youth crime, quickly discovering that she wanted to pursue a career as a lawyer. She enjoys guiding clients through the tough times that they are experiencing and the ‘little bit’ of drama that tends to be part of legal work.

When not at work, this Pilates loving Uno player, enjoys steaming hot lattes, salty margaritas and exploring her adopted country.

What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year?

I would love to learn to ice skate and ski while visiting Canada!

If you could be anywhere other than here, right this minute, where would you be?

At the beach! That is one of the things I miss most about Australia, walking along the beach every afternoon.

At 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?:

A pilot… safe to say I changed my mind since then. 

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