Sarah Bulgin

What are your credentials?

Nearly 8 years of working at a large national law firm in Vancouver and 5 additional years of various accounting roles.

Where are you from?

Originally from Newfoundland but I have split my life between there and B.C.

Early bird, or night owl?

Early bird! If I could start my day at 5am and finish at 1pm, I would.

How would you describe the way you dance?

Unfortunately, like no ones watching. They do stare though…

Would you rather never be able to use emojis again or never be able to spell correctly again?

Never use emojis.

If you could eat only one type of food for a year — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — what would you choose?

Fresh tortilla chips and hot salsa.

What is the best Wi-Fi name you have seen in your entire life?

Tell My Wifi Love Her.

How long do you think you’d survive in a zombie apocalypse?

I’d be patient zero.

How do you hang toilet paper: over or under?

Over. Always over.

What has been most influential in your life so far?

My mom and my two sisters.

What show are you most likely to binge-watch, or movie you’ll re-watch?

I’ll be binge-watching Bob’s Burgers or Friends. If I’m re-watching a move, it is definitely Step Brothers.

The Great Outdoors, or The Great Home Theatre?

The Great Outdoors in the summer. The Great Home Theatre in the winter.

If you could go to dinner with any person, living, dead, or fictional, who would it be?

Robin Williams.

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