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Don’t be shocked if we smile, have some fun and enjoy cupcakes on a Friday morning. At Hayes Fry, we’re unapologetically human. Our dress code is comfy and we like to connect over a good cup of coffee — not an imposing mahogany desk. No matter the role you seek, we look for these same qualities and a pinch of pizazz in everyone. We also prioritize kindness, honesty, and a willingness be bold and work hard.


We hire great people because we’ve created an environment that is above and beyond the traditional law firm experience. Why? Because our core values mean everything to us. When we hire new team members as associate lawyers, students, or support staff, we want them to be a great cultural fit with relevant experience, AND we want to make sure their values are a great match.

Our firm was founded by two lawyers who believe that the practice of law can be done in a modern way that brings exceptional value to clients and makes the day-to-day enjoyable for our team.

We believe that we can work hard, have fun and be a part of a work culture that respects and values team members. If you believe in kindness and working hard to serve your clients while enjoying a down-to-earth team atmosphere, we’d love to learn more about you.


Hayes Fry Law has been in business since 2014 and was founded by husband-and-wife duo Nathan & Leah Hayes-Fry. Young and driven lawyers, they wanted to start their own law firm because they knew the practice of law could be done differently.

Nathan and Leah saw a gap in the market and wanted to approach the practice of law their way. With a focus on educating their clients as the foundation to building strong relationships and maintaining client satisfaction, they also threw away the stuffy, archaic mentality most law firms are steeped in.

When the partners look for recruits, they look for a balance of talent and cultural fit. This means you believe in kindness, are eager to continuously grow and learn and will work with our team to achieve greatness.


Hayes Fry Law focuses on both professional and personal growth which doesn't happen at most law firms. Nathan and Leah always have an open-door policy, making themselves available whenever you're looking for support which is incredibly important for both students, associates, and support staff. At the same time, you're encouraged to grow and develop your own practice. HFL is an environment that allows you to advance your legal skills at a level that will exceed your peers and provides you with the tools to be successful.
Ryan, Lawyer


We’re on the lookout for hardworking candidates with passion and drive, but also filled with kindness and integrity. We love our community and are here for candidates willing to embrace Grande Prairie and build a successful practice under our instruction, guidance and encouragement.

Along with just-for-fun cupcakes, comfy clothes, and a gorgeous new building, we offer an extremely competitive compensation structure and Paid Unlimited Vacation.

If you think we might be a match made in heaven, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us everything about you and why you belong at Hayes Fry Law! Please send us your current resume and transcripts along with a cover letter explaining why you’d like to work with us.

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In fall of 2022, we were thrilled to give our staff a brand-new building to call home. With more than 15,000 square feet of luxury – think ‘un’office – space, we’ve sunk into our new digs and feel like we’ve created a second home. Imagine a space filled with plants, a kitchen fit for a luxury home with a big island and window seating looking out into railtown, touch down offices where you can escape into solitude and quite simply, room to think. If being inspired in the workplace is important to you, we may be just what you’re looking for.


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