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January 25th, 2023 - Divorce & Family Law

Cohabitation Agreements: Why you should have one
So, you think you found the one and you’re ready to take the next step and move into together? That’s great! Moving in together is exciting but it’s important to be aware that moving in together can also create obligations...
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What happens to the family pet in a divorce?
When we hear of couples separating, we often think about things like the home, the kids, the bank accounts but what about your furry companions? Pets come into our lives and take up a special place as part of the...
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Estate plans that stand the test of time
No matter your age or stage of life, it’s important to have the right plan in place for the future. We will help you make the best possible plans, preserve your legacy, and protect those you love. We can also...
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Buying, selling or refinancing services
Northern Alberta’s real estate market is thriving. At Hayes Fry Law, we know it’s easy to get carried away when the market is hot. We also know that buying a home is one of the biggest investments many of our...
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Support for facing life’s challenges
Our approach to Family Law is one of understanding, compassion, and practicality. We care about your end game, not the fight of the day. We’re here with support and know how to move difficult issues forward to find solutions. At...
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