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Traditional law firms have grown antiquated, stagnant, and tired. Hayes Fry Law is a different kind of law firm. We’re a dedicated and professional team but we check our egos at the door and leave the Latin in the courtroom.
As Grande Prairie lawyers, we’re embracing the Alberta lifestyle and focusing on better legal service instead of matching the perfect tie with our three-piece suits. That means better client communication, a focus on educating you on the issues at hand, and meeting in a casual relaxed environment where you can be yourself – and not feel judged or pressured.

An entrepreneur since childhood, Leah always believed in creating her own path. She had a unique vision, shared with her husband Nathan, to create a young, fresh law firm focused on client education and exceptional service. Leah leads the busy Real Estate practice for the firm. A self-described skincare junkie and home décor enthusiast, Leah winds down in the gym, driving or walking with the music turned-up loud, and cozy late-night dinner conversations with Nathan, their teenage son and three cats.

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Leah M. Hayes-Fry

Real Estate Lawyer/Managing Partner

A desire to build a modern law firm that puts client experience on the same pedestal as expert legal work drove Nathan to co-found Hayes Fry Law with partner and wife Leah. As a divorce lawyer, Nathan leans into the power of mediation to settle disputes in a kinder, less costly manner than the courtroom. Outside of work, Nathan might be found sipping a scotch while discussing politics, economics, and history, or debating the best cat colour – orange tabby being the obvious answer.

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Nathan E. G. Hayes-Fry

Divorce Lawyer / Mediator / Managing Partner

As a divorce lawyer with Hayes Fry Law, Ryan is no stranger to the Grande Prairie courts. An Edmonton native, Ryan completed his first degree in his hometown and then worked in oil and gas. Eventually he travelled to and studied in Australia. A diligent worker who loves espresso, hockey and hanging out at Fourteen 14 on Wednesdays to indulge in poutine, Ryan prefers a good book over the latest Netflix binge.

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Ryan D. Fedoruk

Family and Divorce Lawyer

Trevor came to Hayes Fry Law upon graduating from the University of Alberta where he took a broad range of classes including Wills & Estates, Family Law, Corporate Law and Civil Litigation. His abilities across diverse fields are welcomed by clients with diverse needs. Trevor finds it rewarding to simplify complex problems, so clients are comfortable choosing a path forward. Known to throw a curveball in a park or the courtroom, Trevor is an accomplished ball player and academic.

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Trevor Latawiec


An articling student at Hayes Fry Law, Joseph Sillito’s focus is Family Law, a practice area he chose as he wants to help people create positive change for themselves and their family members. When he’s not helping clients, Joseph says he contents himself with pursuing and maintaining strong ties with friends and family, developing his gastronomic skills, and improving his understanding of animal husbandry. He prefers Crave to Netflix, enjoys caffeine and Indian food, and recommends reading Oscar Wilde.

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Joseph D Lawrence Sillito


One of the first law graduates of her province in Afghanistan to receive a law degree and the first in her family to get a master’s degree, Khatereh cherishes education. She says joining Hayes Fry Law is a dream come true as the team is committed to continuous learning. While completing her master of laws, Khatereh also raised her two children. She wouldn’t change a thing as she loves nothing more than snuggling, dancing, and reading with her little ones.

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Khatereh Rahimi


A passion for understanding the law led Jane to begin visiting courthouses and observe lawyers in action from a very young age. Since then, she has had a voracious appetite for legal practice, helping solve clients’ problems with diligence and creativity. As an articling student at Hayes Fry Law, Jane’s primary area is Family Law. When she is not solving problems at work, Jane is likely making music. She is an accomplished singer and plays piano and acoustic guitar.

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Jane Kupolati


Travelling Aussie, Kiara Goodfellow, is pleased to be working in her field while visiting Canada for two years. Kiara’s past legal experience was focused on Family and Criminal Law, but she’s excited to expand her horizons while working with the Hayes Fry Law team, particularly in Wills & Estates. When not at work, Kiara is making the most of her time in Canada by exploring new places, learning to ski, and hunting for the best margarita in town.

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Kiara Goodfellow

Office Administrator

After working for several years with the Hayes Fry Law, Cristina deeply believes that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Most often, clients are working through a trying period of their lives, and Cristina strives to ease the difficulty, providing a positive experience. Despite the challenges of Family Law, Cristina appreciates the fast pace, unique issues and that there’s never a dull moment. While she enjoys continuously learning about the law, Cristina also plans to learn to play piano.

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Cristina Colcer

Family Law Assistant

Anna prides herself on helping the Hayes Fry Law busy legal team keep the practice running as smooth as butter. And that’s no small feat considering she’s coordinating real estate agents, banks or mortgage brokers, clients and more. A native of Russia, Anna loves life with her husband and busy, big family in Grande Prairie.  She’s a wife, mom, stepmom, and fur mom to a dog and two cats. So, it’s no wonder she enjoys yoga and quiet time with TikTok.

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Anna Reyes

Real Estate Conveyancer

A new addition to Hayes Fry Law, Dana is loving every minute of working with the team and spreading kindness to clients. While Dana once dreamed of being a hairdresser, she’s recently taken to the life of an administrative assistant. She enjoys learning about the law and real estate, and Dana’s found that she has a knack for organization. When she’s not on the clock, you’ll find Dana out with friends and family.

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Dana Goinden

Real Estate Legal Assistant

New to the team, Pravina fell in love immediately with the lively, relaxed, and challenging environment that has been cultivated at Hayes Fry Law. Following a wildly successful decade in accounting, Pravina made the leap to legal assistant and has never looked back. She thrives on the challenges of making deals happen for clients and knowing that no two days will ever be the same. When not at work, Pravina is soaking up time with her husband and twin girls.

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Pravina Prayag

Real Estate Legal Assistant

Hanna got her first taste for the law while studying Criminology in university and immediately fell in love. While she wants to practice one day, Hanna’s currently finishing a bachelor of arts in criminal justice. She brings energy, enthusiasm, and organization to her Hayes Fry position as runner. Hanna runs documents to and from the courthouse and helps keep the office organized. Hanna indulges in her hobbies of cooking and gardening when she’s not studying for her classes or at work.

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Hanna Harroff

Runner/Part Time Receptionist

Trained as a broadcast journalist in her homeland of Zimbabwe, Patience (Pat) brings her elevated communications skills to her role as Operations Manager at Hayes Fry Law. The firm’s point person if managing partners Leah and Nathan are unavailable, Pat is honoured to put to practice her lifetime of skills, education, and experience. A bookworm who loves to travel to unique destinations, red wine and sweet over salty, Pat also loves life at home in Grande Prairie.

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Patience Madambi

Operations Manager

If you’re working on a Real Estate deal with the team at Hayes Fry Law, you’ll be delighted to connect with Natasha. This dynamo supports Leah Hayes-Fry and clients while juggling the demands of realtors, brokers, lenders, and the other-side’s lawyers. Her payoff is seeing clients’ hopes, dreams and goals turn into reality. Natasha is a hard worker whether on the job or pursuing her passions in the pool, running the roads of Grande Prairie, or enjoying much deserved retail therapy.

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Natasha Evenson

Conveyancing and Relations Manager

Legal assistant extraordinaire, Linda found her calling when she entered the legal field in 2001 and ultimately joined Hayes Fry Law in 2021.  Linda has always been attracted to the field of law but as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ sort, she loves quietly problem solving in the background. Linda supports corporate clients, while keeping the office books in shape.  A lover of coffee and two-stepping, Linda is a proud mom to one adult person and one giant fur baby.

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Linda Mason

Legal Assistant/Bookkeeper

When you drop in to check out the new Hayes Fry Law office space, chances are you’ll be greeted by Kylie. Renowned for her bubbly personality, Kylie enjoys serving clients and making their lives a little bit brighter. She’s also the brains behind the firm’s TikTok account and loves sharing what’s happening behind the scenes on social media. After a busy day on the front lines, Kylie loves nothing more than slowing down and enjoying time with family and friends.

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Kylie-Sarah Hoglund

Receptionist/Social Media Manager

External Counsel

Quentin has worked in the oilfield and manufacturing sectors in Alberta, after which he earned his Juris Doctor in Canada and Masters degree in Business from Europe. He has been called to the bar in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, has practiced at a national law firm, and has held in-house counsel and executive roles at private and publicly traded companies.

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Quentin Plester

External Counsel, Corporate & Civil Law

Rame is a prominent Criminal Lawyer, defending the rights of clients across Alberta, Saskatchewan and as far east as Halifax before the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.  Rame has successfully defended clients against a variety of charges, including murder, sexual assault, drug offences, domestic matters, traffic matters and other bylaw and criminal code offences.

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Rame Katrib

External Counsel, Criminal Defence Law

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