Trevor Latawiec

Trevor came to Hayes Fry Law upon graduating from the University of Alberta where he took a broad range of classes including Wills & Estates, Family Law, Corporate Law and courses relating to Civil Litigation. His abilities across the diverse fields are welcomed by clients with diverse needs. Trevor finds it rewarding to simplify complex problems, so clients understand options and are comfortable choosing a path forward.

Trevor finds practicing law incredibly stimulating and loves that new files mean there’s more to learn.  He appreciates actively engaging with clients every single day. Getting to know them on a personal level and building the relationship means, he can provide better support and determine which course of action is most appropriate.

Known to throw a curveball in a park or the courtroom, Trevor is an accomplished ball player and academic. He loves the simple things in life like enjoying a campfire with family and friends and lounging around watching sports with his cat Jinx.

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me…

… enjoying a cup of coffee and playing videogames before getting ready to head out.

How do you want people to remember you?

A kind, compassionate person who pays attention to others and makes them feel valued.

Pet peeves?

Bad drivers. People who talk on speaker phone all the time. People who stop in the middle of the aisle in grocery stores.

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