Family Law

June 29th, 2023 - Family Law

Relocating with a child after separation or divorce
Relocating can be a fun and exciting new beginning however, it is one that can be made complicated when there are children involved. If you are reading this blog it is likely because you are considering a move. Your move...
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June 14th, 2023 - Family Law

Grandparents and their rights to grandchildren
There are a variety of reasons why a grandparent may be asking this question and it is important to understand that generally speaking, grandparents do not automatically have access or guardianship rights to their grandchildren. Seeking access to or guardianship...
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What happens to the family pet in a divorce?
When we hear of couples separating, we often think about things like the home, the kids, the bank accounts but what about your furry companions? Pets come into our lives and take up a special place as part of the...
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Support for facing life’s challenges
Our approach to Family Law is one of understanding, compassion, and practicality. We care about your end game, not the fight of the day. We’re here with support and know how to move difficult issues forward to find solutions. At...
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